Keep track of your personal or business finances and maintain a control on your expenses, income and budget. Unlimited accounts and categories powered by AJAX to provide a better user experience.

  • Keep track of all your expenses and income
  • Set your own currency (USD $, EUR €, GBP £...)
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • AJAX powered for fast loading and interaction
  • See totals and summaries for your income, outcome and balance
  • Define which user groups (access levels) can add entries
  • Graphic reports with Content Statistics 



Powerful features learn about the main reasons to start using Expense Manager!

Create and manage expenses

Manager your expenses and income

Keep track of all your expenses and income, manage your budget for your business or your personal finances, all right in your Joomla site.

Fast user interactioin

AJAX powered, lightweight

Espense Manager UI is rendered entirely by your browser, using JavaScript, and comunicates with the server using AJAX. This means that user interaction is very fluid. Applying filters to the expense's list is fast.

Separated accounts

Multiple separated accounts

Create multiple independent accounts for different users and rule them all with a single or some manager users.

All together

Keep it all together

Keep all the relevant information of the expenses together with a lot of fields such as tax, external ref, description, attachments...

Accounts for expenses

Define your own accounts

Assign expenses to different accounts (Credit Card, Cash...) to have all your economic activity perfectly classified

User interface

All-in-one view for quick access to everything

Manage everything from a single page: expenses, income, totals, graphics, filters, form for new entries.

Recurring expenses

Recurring expenses

Create recurring expenses to automate your expense creation process and let the system do all the repetitive tasks for you.

CSV export

CSV and Excel export

Export your list of expenses into CSV files to handle your accounting with your desktop software.

Handy filters

Handy filters

Filter results by date range, category or account, sort results by amount, name, category or date.

User access

User access, ACL

Define which user groups (access levels) can add entries into Expense Manager and which can veiw all users expenses. Allow your collaborators to input their expenses.

Email notifications

Notificate expenses to e-mail

Receive e-mail notifications when a user creates or updates an expense to see all its details.

User access

Set your taxes

Define the taxes when creating a new expense. Display this info for the expenses or not.

Responsive layouts

Responsive layouts 

The layouts in Joomla 3.x version have been completely re-built using Twitter Bootstrap. Table-free layouts, mobile friendly responsive layouts.

Graphic reports

Graphic reports

Graphic Statistics and reports with Content Statisics (sold separately)



Multi-language support: Display Expense Manager in any language you want

Open source

  • Mobile friendly
  • Responsive layouts
  • Table-free layouts







Easy to use from anywhere you are.

Track time and expenses or create a estimate or invoice from your mobile device.

  • PC or Mac
  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet
  • Website 
  • From Anywhere